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marriedanangel's Journal

Alison Barrington
24 July 1981
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The Character
Name: Alison Barrington
Age: 26
Family: Elizabeth Barrington (mother), Malcolm Barrington (father) - deceased, Amanda Barrington (grandmother), Rebecca Smith Barrington (great-great-great grandmother) - deceased
Friends: Jack Ramsey, Jamal Woods, Lucy Coe, Ian Thornhart, Rafe Kovich, Ricky Garza, Marissa Leong, Casey Leong
Romances: Jamal Woods (ex-boyfriend), Caleb Morley (one night stand), Rafe Kovich (husband)
Enemies: Livvie Locke, Joshua

The Links
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The Disclaimer
Disclaimer: Alison is a fictional character from the soap opera Port Charles. I don't own any rights to her. They belong to ABC. I am also in no way affiliated with Erin Hershey Presley, who portrayed her. Though I really wish I was. I'm just a fan having fun. Please don't sue.

Writer's Notes: I'm a huge Rali shipper. Though I am opened to other ships as long as it's not Cali or Rivvie. I don't really like either ship.

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